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Nurse Jobs Recruiting is about to go through some major industry changes. Major Hospital Organizations have always taken pride in their Brands and always have had Websites promoting their History, Location, Specialty Care, Service Rankings, Staffing, Who's Who Building Donors, and their First Class Facilities. It goes to say that Reputations have been built and maintained by Hospital Management with good Public Relations and especially with first hand experiences of most patients with the Doctors and Nurse Staffs.  

When its comes to Nurse Jobs vacancies, the Hospital depends on its Reputation, Location, and Facilities to recruit the best available Nurse to compliment the Nursing Staff Reputation. The Hospital CFO approves the request of the Nurse Recruiter to advertise their openings with the Local Nurse Jobs Placement Agency. Normally the cost of the Agency will be determined by the Number of Nurse Jobs Listed and how many months the listing will be publicized. The average monthly agency cost of the Nurse Jobs individual Listing will be from $ 295 up to over $ 500. The Hospital can spend well over five figures a year filling Nursing Jobs Staffing needs.

With a slight change in the standard operating procedure of the Hospital Industry, Nursing Jobs can be filled reducing the average agency cost budget hit and simultaneously use a public relations theme to promote its Reputation to all Nurses viewing their jobs listings.

All Hospitals enrolling with Nurse Jobs Insider to promote their openings, have a full web page dedicated to their Hospital with a tie-in to their Home Website, a Video starring their Nurse Recruiter, a monthly listing of unlimited Nurse Jobs openings, detail how-to-apply instructions, and detail contact information. New Hospital Listings will be highlighted as a New Client on Page One of Nurse Jobs Insider.

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You are about to open the door to Nurse Jobs Insider and its "Local Presentation" of National Nurse Job Opportunities. With the Economic and Political Environments changing as they are, the Registered Nurse is trending to become a focal point in the "HealthCare Provider System."Nurse Jobs Insider simplifies the Nurse Job Search process for both the Nurse and the Location desired for a new nurse job. The nurse can choose the state and the city in which they would like to work. On the city page, just click the enrolled hospitals name to review its "video presentation" of nurse job openings.

Generally speaking, Nurse Jobs Insider changes the focus from multiple searches to One Specific Location search to aid the nurse in locating a new position in the city of their choice. For example, New York Nurse Jobs can be reviewed by a California Nurse utilizing this National Nurse Jobs posting website. Another example, When Top Chicago Nurse Jobs open, Iowa Nurses and Indiana Nurses can be notified when the enrolled Chicago Hospital posts its "Video Job Presentation" to the national nurse jobs website.  Generally speaking, any nurse can sign up to be notified of any posted nurse job opening at Nurse Jobs Insider.Com. 


  • On the right column, click the State where you would like to work.
  • Once on the State Nurse Jobs page, click the City Nurse Jobs page.
  • Once on the City Nurse Jobs page, click on the name of the Hospital.
  • Once on the Hospital Nurse Jobs page, Review the "Video Presentation."


Hospital Organizations have the Opportunities to consolidate their Nurse Recruiting efforts and present their Nurse Job Opportunities utilizing its own Video presentation page. Their Presentation page will include the Nurse Recruiter's Video to fully inform the nurse of their available job openings along with specific instructions and information of the process to start a nurse job application.  The Nurse Recruiter's Video can be Updated or Changed at any time just by submitting a new video. The Cost of the Hospital Nurse Jobs Listings is based on the number of months for the enrollment period of the Video Presentation page. See the Hospital Plans for a  cost review.  Most Nurse Job Listing Companies charge their fees based on the cost per individual nurse job listed, ranging from $ 295 to $ 495 per Job, per Month. With Nurse Jobs Insider, Hospital Nurse Recruiters utilize the Video Presentations to inform the Nurses about all of their available Nurse Jobs Opportunities. The flat fee basis helps the Hospital CFO control the staff operating costs budget. With the per job listing cost basis the Hospital could be spending  large portions of their budget quickly. With a defined enrollment period for Nurse Jobs Insider, the costs of Nursing Jobs advertising can be controlled at under budget levels.




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