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    The NurseJobsInsider.Com Website is a high traffic National Job Authority catering to the Nursing Industry. This Format provides Resource Opportunities as the Nurse clicks through her choices determining her career path. The Resource Opportunities offer the Nurse options required for a smooth transition from her current or previous position to a new position possibly in a new State or a New City.


Whatever the situation Nurse Jobs Insider aims to assist the Nurse in this transition to a New Job. Advertisers need to make  available resources that will provide the Nurse any assistance necessary..i.e.

  • Temporary Living Quarters
  • Temporary Transportation
  • Real Estate Agent assisting in Locating Permanent Residence
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Banking Services
  • Lawyer Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Income Tax Services
  • Retail Department Stores
  • Specialty Grocery Markets
  • Nurse Uniforms and Accessories


The Advertising Opportunities are Unlimited !


The WebSite is set up with the 50 States with an average of 10 to 15 Cities.


Advertisers can provide State-Wide Services or can choose to advertise on a Local Basis choosing their City to be profiled in.


Each Advertiser will have  a Video Presentation highlighted on their own separate page, with their other pertinent information made available to the Nurses.


Nurse Jobs Insider has Two Month Plans @ $ 700, Three Month Plans @    $ 975, Six Month Plans @ $ 1,800, and Annual Plans @ $ 3,000. As an Incentive,One Free Month is added to a clients initial plan choice.


If you are interested in Advertising with Us, please send your Information Requests to